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Chilpaco Memories
Early Chilpaco Scenes

The Chillicothe Paper Company

The Chillicothe Paper Company was organized June 21, 1919 and began operations in 1920. The intention was for the mill to specialize on machine finish and super calendar book paper as well as catalogue and lithograph papers. With one paper machine Chillicothe Paper Company was in business. Over the years the operation saw many changes with the addition of 3 more paper machines. In time a blade coater was placed in operation and an entire new line of products became available to the Printing Industry. No longer was Chilpaco just a major greeting card stock supplier but now entered the Coated/Supercalendered Paper product line. Some of these changes came after MEAD Corporation purchased Chilpaco in the 1950's. The Operation remains today but was sold to Westvaco, then to NewPage and was finally purchased by the Glatfelter Corporation. The grade line was changed and downsized as was the workforce at the facility. The CHILPACO that the Retirees remember is gone, but will remain in our memories of the MILL, the co-workers we left behind and the co-workers and retirees who have left us. These photos are a salute to them and the Chillicothe Paper Company (CHILPACO) that we knew.


Photos 8
Photos 9

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Back L to R; Larry Williams, Paul Curtis,Mke Davis
Front L to R ; Neal Detty, Gary Schumaker
 Back L to r : Gene Comer, Charles Downs, Unk, Dick Merriman, Alan Cox
Front L to R : Roland Phillips, Gene Miner, Unk, Paul Thurman
Larry Clark, Hubert Davis, Dick Goebel
 Jack Conley, Craig Crabtree, Ron Cottrill, Brian Davis, Jim Teeters
Bob Demint, Marti Lenz, Charles Blanton
            Marion Morgan's Retirement
Back Row: Tom Noble, Everett Turner, Paul Curtis, Dave McCorkle, Webb Mallow, Dave Hoylman, Kenneth Kern
Front Row: Lawrence Murray, Dick Ingham, Willard Park, Tom Duckworth, Granville Cox, Larry Henkle, Don French
  L to R : Lawrence Hoffman, Paul Teeters, Kenny Skaggs,John Minney, Dick Puckett, Jerry Watters, Glenn McDonald, Burt Shaffer, Rosemary Anderson, Don Russell
Don Mankin,Dave McCorkle, Paul Curtis, Ray Williams, Tom Duckworth, Skip Kugler, Kenny Kern
 Back L to R; Roger Trimble, Dick Rundels, Unknown, Dave Yeary, Dick Miller, Dick Walsh, Charles Osborne
Front L to R: Garry Welch, Kathy Farrow, Vicki Ward, Bob Demint
 Kenny Webb, Keith Stewrart, Tom Cutright, Unknown, Jim Kutschbach
  Skip Kugler, LLoyd Trego
  Vicki Ward, Charles Caressi
 L to R : Glenn Tyler, Ron Madru, Jim Riley, Don Barrows, Larry Willaims, Jack James, Fred Winkler, Bob Mossbarger, Larry Henkel, Edsel Everidge, Paul Curtis, Jack Noel. Chuck Sheperd, Dave McCorkle, Kenny George, Fred Simon, George Woode, Don Angus, Bob Brown, Don French,George Ginther,, Frank Wykcoff, Bob Miller, John Digges, Dave Hatfield, Don Liest, Martin Barlage,Steve Ray, Jeff Webb, Jim Dailey, Granville Cox, Tom Noble
      Fred Hicks
 Roger Mullineaux, Terry McDonald, Tom Cutright, Howard Baxter, Terri Detty, Rex  LaGard, Denise Ginther
 Marion Morgan, Gary Foll, Garry Proehl, Roger Reed, Jim Graves.Caril Tomlinson, Bill Huntington, Ron Madru, Ray Horsley, Ray Williams, Unk.
 Terry McDonald, Forrest Gumm,Jamie Jones, Howard Baxter, Leo Smith, Mike Stephenson, Ward Conley, Tarza Green, Roger Mullineaux
  L to R : Bob Cool, Howard Jacobs, Paul Brownfield, Ronald Fultz, Gene Shoemaker, Harold Sanford, Garry Proehl, Bob Gallagher, Jerry Fairchild, Harold Claytor
  Jeff Bridenbaugh, Terry Carrico, Marti Lenz , Bob Demint, Charles Upton
  Steve Tatman, Major Young, Andrea Call, Clark Hunsinger, Paul Newbauer
 Back L to R : Paul Teeters, Don Elliott, Marvin Marks, Pete McClure
  Front L to R : Bill Sutherland, Ivan Storer, Joe Hollis, Kenneth McClure, Dave Lyons

A Special Thank You!


Pictures have been provided by: Glatfelter Print Shop, Warren Manring,Tom Hull, John C. Wise, Dave McCorkle, Mike Cox, Terry Elliott, Rodney Titler, Ernie Bowles, John Chenault, Chuck Warth, Hope Stevison, Keith Maxwell,Jerry McDonald, Larry Williamson,Roger Starkey,Topper Phillips,Charles Downs, Paul Ramsey,Dick Rundels, Frank Wykcoff, Kathy Fairrow, Jan Kimbler, Marcia Cox, George Woods, Mark Conaway and Jim Davis.

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